Network status

To maintain the reliability and quality of our network, the network is regularly maintained. This maintenance largely takes place at night to affect few customers.

In the event of prolonged maintenance outages, we inform our customers here in advance.

No maintenance work planned on the network.



Technical note

If you continue to have problems with your connection after the maintenance/fault has ended, please perform a reboot. To do this, disconnect your devices from power for about 2 minutes. Also check if your FRITZ! device has the latest software version installed.

Proceed as follows to easily equip your FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Powerline device or FRITZ!WLAN Repeater with the latest FRITZ!OS:

1. call up the user interface of the device. To do this, enter "" or "fritz.powerline" or "fritz.repeater" in your Internet browser. If necessary, log in with your user name and or password.

2. click on "Wizard" on the left.

Start the wizard "Update" or "Update firmware".