In just a few steps to the fiber optic house connection
The homeowner portfolio from VEGA-net

After you are about to realize your dream of your own four walls, VEGA-net enables you to equip your property with an innovative and future-proof high-speed Internet connection by means of a fiber optic connection.

In the first part of our building owner's folder you will find important information for a timely connection of your property to the fiber optic network of VEGA-net.

The second part gives you an overview of the possible cabling options from our connection in the basement/house connection room to the connection boxes in your apartment. Because we want you to be able to use your fiber connection without any loss of speed all the way to your end device.

We are happy to provide you with a personal consultation on site.

Your VEGA-net fiber optics team

You can either download our building owner's folder as a PDF file or we will gladly send you a printed version by mail.

Your advantages of fiber optics again at a glance

Future technology with transmission rates in the gigabit range (currently up to 500 Mbit/s are offered).

Even at greater distances to our technical facilities no reduction in performance (compared to the known copper connections).

Low susceptibility to interference.

Ideal for data-intensive applications such as: streaming services, online gaming, cloud computing, online video libraries, video conferencing, full HD/4K television, online backups or just for large down-
and uploads.

Personal contact persons on site.

Fast and competent service.

Increase the value of your property with an investment in the future. Become part of the gigabit society!

By connecting your property to VEGA-net's fiber optic network, you increase the value of your real estate. Location and purchase price have long since ceased to be the decisive factors. The multimedia equipment (both TO the building and IN the building is becoming increasingly important.

With such an offer, you create clear competitive advantages for yourself in the eventual later sale or rental.

Great advantage for landlords - fiber makes your properties more attractive!

As a landlord, you benefit from a sustainable increase in the value of your rental properties with a fiber optic connection, because in the future tenants will place much more value on a fast Internet connection. With upload and download rates in the gigabit range, our fiber optic connections meet the expectations of every prospective tenant - whether for private or business use.