Why do we need broadband coverage?

Today, fast Internet connections are a prerequisite for the meaningful use of modern information and communication technologies. Broadband connectivity plays a crucial role in assessing the social and economic competitiveness of municipalities.

High bandwidths and thus high transmission speeds promise the retrieval of information within a few seconds. With (V)DSL technology, even the retrieval of audio and video data is possible. In the future, broadband connections will also be used for other services (e.g., IP television). This will again drastically increase the need for further bandwidth.

Why can VEGA-net GmbH offer faster Internet connections than other telecommunications companies?

It's simple: Until now, the signal for all households in the local communities of Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Mehlingen, Neuhemsbach and Sembach was fed in at Deutsche Telekom's main distribution frame in the Enkenbach district. From there, the signal is distributed via copper cable connections. The construction of VEGA-net GmbH's fiber optic network overcomes transmission losses that copper cables entail over longer distances. In this way, VEGA-net GmbH can also offer fast Internet connections in local communities and districts that are not adequately served by other telecommunications providers.

What can you expect?

The fiber optic network operated by VEGA-net GmbH is, according to today's technical standards, the only technology that will be able to realize the ever-increasing demand for broadband in the future. Therefore, a fiber optic connection is established to the corresponding cable end distributors in the local communities. The distributors connect the surrounding houses to the telephone network, using the existing copper cables of Deutsche Telekom. This means that no earthworks are required on your property. Telephone and Internet charges are billed exclusively by VEGA-net GmbH. There are no additional charges from other telecommunications providers for your connection.